Fistpack 6 – Can Openers – Ian Jay -amp; Matthieu Paris

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Not since Johnny Rider has there been a young guy as talented as Ian Jay (it’s a switch-hitting pairing, so you get to see his skills both as a top and as a bottom!).

Backroom Exclusive, Volume 6 – Max Schutler

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Argentinian stud Max Schutler strips naked in front of a full-length mirror and works himself over from head to toe!

Arm Candy – Brandon Moore -amp; David Benjamin

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Brandon Moore is an eager fisting pig.

Rear End Collision 2 – Lube Job – Brock Devonshire -amp; Rik Jammer -amp; Anthony Moreno

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

We find Brock Devonshire on a metal contraption sticking somethingup his ass.

Butch Alley – Antton Harri -amp; Kirk Ziegler

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

Horned up Kirk Ziegler tugs on his fat uncut cock, looking up and down the alley for some action.

Greedy Hole – Dean Brody -amp; Logan Mathews

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

Logan Mathews is riding a big black butt plug so hard, you know he wants his hole filled deep!

Greedy Hole – Alessandro Del Toro -amp; Seamus O’Reilly

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Seamus O’Reilly’s hole parts for the tip of a huge butt plug.

Backroom Exclusives – C.J. Knight

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Hot House Exclusive C.J.

Backroom Exclusives, Volume 1 – C.J. Knight

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Hot House Exclusive C.J.

Greedy Hole – Alessandro Del Toro -amp; Boyhous

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

A big, thick fist pushes into a slick, hairy hole.